Dog Gone Walking
Because Your Dog Deserves the Best
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Every dog deserves a regular walk, but not every human has the time or ability to offer it. That's where I come in. I will come to your location, let your dog out for some fresh air, a pit stop, and an outlet for all that energy which can sometimes turn into anxiety or destructive behavior if left unaddressed. This way, both you and your dog can get the most out of your relationship and have the fulfillment of meeting each other's needs.

Dog Gone Walking stands out with a focus not only on the physical needs of your dog (food, water, shelter, etc.), but also the psychological need to socialize and follow leadership.

Contact me to see what will fit your busy lifestyle best; I'd love to help you and your dog!


Accepting all major credit cards, cash, or check.


Service area includes South, Central, and Upcountry Maui. Special arrangements may be made for other areas.